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Healthy Games

Children will have an awesome time learning about the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables-

Outstanding games, puzzles, and videos to educate children about why fruits and vegetables are an essential part of everyone's diet-

 Click on the pink box at bottom of page that says Fun Food Games.  Then click on green box at the top of the pages that say activities-

Arthur's friends go on a shopping trip and help each other find healthy foods-

Health and Nutrition Learning Modules (many)  

PowerPoint Presentations for Food and Nutrition II (many)

Healthy Habits (6 powerpoints, one a week for 6 weeks) 

Nutritional Awareness

Food Portions 

Portion Distortion

Nutrition - Food Labels 

Milton's Excellent Adventure Through Nutrition 

Healthy Choices (Gregory the Terrible Eater) 

Food Safety

See Also: The Food Pyramid, Diets & Dieting, Ice Cream 

Cree Links

Want to know what it means in Cree or convert Cree to English look it up here:

Gift of Language and Culture:

 Samson Cree Nation- Local history, news, education, Cree-

 Ermineskin Cree Nation- Local history, news, education, Cree Lessons-

 Plains Cree Knowledge and Teachings: Maskwacis Cree: Spiritual Life, Governance, Culture, Traditions, Resources, Context and Background

 Video Resources for Aboriginal Studies: Earth Voices Video-  and search First Nations.

Culture and Its Meaning: Aboriginal Youth Identity Series: Activities for students of all Grade levels and teacher support information

Culture and Traditional Storytelling: Canadian Digital Collections

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